Detexify2 - LaTeX symbol classifier

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What is this?

Anyone who works with LaTeX knows how time-consuming it can be to find a symbol in symbols-a4.pdf that you just can't memorize. Detexify is an attempt to simplify this search.

How do I use it?

Just draw the symbol you are looking for into the square area above and look what happens!

My symbol isn't found!

The symbol may not be trained enough or it is not yet in the list of supported symbols. In the first case you can do the training yourself. In the second case just drop me a line (! ( I don't really find the time to actively maintain this version of Detexify but I am working on a version that is much easier to maintain and has other benefits. )

I like this. How can I help?

You could spare some time training Detexify. You could also look at the source of the backend and frontend on Github (but better look at the new version). If you really, really like this you can also donate.

Click here to lend your support to: Detexify and make a donation at ! or

Why should I donate?

Hosting of detexify costs some money. If Detexify helps you, you might want to help cover these costs. The backend where all the computation is done is running on a server that is sponsored by my employer Zweitag GmbH but the fontend is hosted separately and still needs to be payed for.

This doesn't work at all!?

Detexify relies on HTML5 features so you need a fairly recent browser. Opera 9.6 / Firefox 3.5 / Safari 4 / Chrome should do the trick.

Do you support Unicode?

No. The new version will. Meanwhile use!

What is that new version you are talking about?

The new version is a complete rewrite (codename sketch-a-char) and I already talked about it here. If you are a developer you might want to check out sketch-a-char on Github.

Who created Detexify?

Philipp Kühl had the initial idea and Daniel Kirsch made it happen.

  • The backend server is sponsored by
    Zweitag GmbH
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